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resignation number two

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Aug. 27th, 2009 | 03:20 pm
location: my bed, my room, my house.
mood: irritatedirritated
music: creed-one last breath

Holy crap its been 4 weeks since I forgot about this thing! After a quick hurried post about how my life sucks, I posted no more. Until now. My life still kinda sucks, I came home today to find my mother had moved my room around. This made me rather upset as I cannot bear the thought of people touching my stuff without my permission, so much so that it drove me to tears. Probably a silly thing to cry about, but even hours later its upsetting me, just thinking she had touched my stuff, and moved it makes me feel like my stuff is all wrong and I can't touch it any more. I'm trying to overcome the latter by rearranging it, since she mostly just dumped stuff in piles on my bed and dresser and put my drawers back in all wrong. So far i've cleaned up my dresser and taken my books off the old book shelf, so not much progress has been made. She also turned a section of my sanctuary into a "den" for my brother who I share the room with. The den is kind of annoying since the room is no longer my sanctuary, I'll be home for another month and he'll be in our room every second of that month pissing me off, getting in my way and asking questions. yay. But things will get better soon, I hope.

I also miss coffee Saturdays. I miss my caffeine addiction, and its getting even harder to fuel it, especially since its ramadan. At least ramadan means eid!

Oh and I turn 20 tomorrow. Pity me people.


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